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Independent Championship Wrestling


May 22nd, StarPlex Theatre, SA

David Hawk came to the ring to address the situation from last show with him being attacked by Benjamin Hall during his match with Matthew Hall. The Hall Brothers came to the ring, and Matthew put out a challenge between David Hawk and Benjamin Hall

Benjamin Hall def. David Hawk

Joe Mundie def. Rob Page (WA)

The Hall Brothers def. Joel Bateman and David Hawk - David Hawk was missing for most of this match as he was deemed unfit to compete following the earlier match. Hawk made the Hot Tag, but One Backbreaker to his injured ribs put him down for the count. After The Match, Bateman attacked Hawk from behind with a clothesline.

Blake Mitchell def. El Hijo Del Diablo after a shot to the head with a change.

After the Match, Blake Mitchell gets on the microphone talking about why he cost Cannonball Kris Taylor the match against Chris Masters last month. Cannonball Kris Taylor made his way to the ring wanting to get his hands on Blake Mitchell. As Cannonball stood and stared at Blake, he was jumped from behind by Mana.

Cannonball and Mana brawled throughout the Starplex, with Cannonball pulling out a pair of Scissors and stabbing them in the head of Mana, busting him wide open.

Cannonball Kris Taylor def. Mana, after Blake Mitchell interfered by trying to throw powder in Cannonball's face, but Cannonball hit Blake's hand, throwing it up into his own face. Blake then mistakenly hit Mana, who then got hit with a Spear for 3.

After the Match, Blake Mitchell started mouthing off of Mana for not getting the job done after he 'punched' Cannonball. Blake slapped Mana in the face twice, which lead to Mana snapping and hitting him with the Anahera Driver (A Variant of the Tiger Driver) leaving Blake Mitchell out in the ring!



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